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          Chairperson of the University Council

          Jiang Sixian


          Lin Zhongqin



          Ding Kuiling

          SJTU Executive President, a member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Committee of SJTU

          Fan Xianqun

          The Party Committee Work of the School of Medicine

          Chen Guoqiang

          Administration Affairs of the School of Medicine

          Huang Zhen

          In charge of Human Resources; Assisting in Managing International cooperation and exchange

          Zhu Jian

          Holding a temporary post as a member of the Standing Committee and Deputy Mayor of Huaihua Municipal Government, Hunan Province, assigned by the Organization Department of the Central Committee of the CPC

          Zhang Ansheng

          Infrastructure Development; Fixed Asset Management; Lab Construction; Foundations; Alumni; Library Archives; Union of Staff (Women’s Union);

          Xu Xuemin

          Undergraduate, Graduate and International Student Education; Admission; Non-degree education; Online Education; International Cooperation and Exchange

          Gu Feng

          SJTU Organization, Publicity, United Front, Human Resources, Senior Age Committee, Ideological and Political Education, Liberal Arts Construction

          Xi Lifeng

          Financial Affairs; National Double “First-class” Initiative; Tendering & Bidding; IT infrastructure building; Translational Medicine Program; Assisting in Managing Scientific Research Management

          Zhou Cheng

          Discipline Inspection and Supervision, Campus Safety and Security, Complaints and Proposals, and assisting in Assisting in Managing Audit

          Mao Junfa

          Scientific Research; University-Industry Collaboration; Technology Transfer; Medical-Engineering-Science Integration; University-Local Governments Collaboration; Confidential Work

          Wang Weiming

          Students Affairs and Career Development; University Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship; Logistic Service; Campus Management; High-level Sports Teams and Students Art Troupes; Construction of neoBay into Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Nesting Zone; Assisting in Managing Reform and Development, University-Local Governments Collaboration 

          Wu Dan

          State-owned Operating Assets Management; Construction of Tsung-Dao Lee Institute and Zhangjiang Science Park

          Yang Yi

          Veteran Cadre Affairs, Party School; Party Committee of SJTU Administrative Departments; Assist in managing Organization

          Hu Hao

          Spiritual Civilization and Campus Culture Construction; Assisting in Managing Publicity, Ideology

          Zhang Weigang

          Assisting in Managing United Front, Security; Stability; Liberal Arts Construction

          Wu Jingyi

          Assisting in Managing Undergraduate Education; Admission; Non-degree Education